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  1. Stephen Says:

    The Mission is one of San Francisco’s last “affordable” neighborhoods for small businesses. It’s makeup is diverse, multi-ethnic and eclectic.
    American Apparel has done their research. They know that the SF Planning Commission is rapidly approving high rise (six story and over) condos on the “Valencia Corridor” (the Women’s Building mural blocker on the corner of 18th and Valencia and others on Valencia Street are pending). American Apparel understands that this New Valencia Corridor will house soon be housing upwardly mobile condo owners and people who patronize stores like The Gap, Starbucks and other chain type businesses.
    Everyone knows what this means-rents will go up, the variety of businesses will decrease and the cultural and economic diversity of the Mission will be forever damaged.
    When BART began construction in the Mission over 30 years ago people in the Mission protested for fear that “downtown” would come to their neighborhood.
    If we don’t do anything to stop it now it will only get worse.
    Buildings, cultural icons (The 17 Reasons Why! sign, now in our possession was illegally demolished to post an illegal liquor-themed Billboard on 17th and Mission) and the loss of creative culture are all reasons why everyone should do whatever they can to stop American Apparel. It won’t be easy. If you’ve ever seen the PBS clothing Industry documentary featuring the CEO of American Apparel, one look at that will tell you
    we’re dealing with a soulless entity. I encourage any attorneys as well as veterans of past campaigns to lend their efforts to prevent American Apparel and other companies like it from colonizing the Mission.

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