Thanks for Coming Out!


A big thank you to everyone who came out last night to show their support for keeping big, international chains off of Valencia Street.

A very special thanks to Supervisor David Campos for attending the event and expressing his support. Also, of course, thank you very much to everyone who performed!

This is it folks, final push … if you haven’t written letters yet it is now or never:

Pilar LaValley
San Francisco Planning Department

Please feel free to write letters directly to members of the Planning Board as well:

1. Christina Olague

1650 Mission Street, Suite 400
San Francisco, CA  94103
(415) 558-6615 x 3

2. Ron Miguel

600 De Haro Street
San Francisco, CA  94107
Phone:  (415) 601-0708
Fax:  (415) 641-8621

3. Michael J. Antonini

2827 Franklin Street
San Francisco, CA  94123-3107
Phone:  (415) 558-6615 x 6
Fax:  (415) 558-6409

4. Gwyneth Borden

1650 Mission Street, Suite 400
San Francisco, CA  94103
(415) 367-3801

5. William L. Lee

San Francisco International Airport
P.O. Box 8097
San Francisco, CA  94128
Phone:  (415) 558-6615 x 8
Fax:  (650) 821-3953

6. Kathrin Moore

1650 Mission Street, Suite 400
San Francisco, CA  94103
(415) 558-6615 x 4

7. Hisashi Sugaya

1650 Mission Street, Suite 400
San Francisco, CA  94103-2414
phone: (415) 558-6615 x 2
fax: (415) 558-6409


4 Responses to “Thanks for Coming Out!”

  1. simon666 Says:

    “Big international corporations” is a little over the top. Although you may wish to liken American Apparel to say GM, ExxonMobile, and others, it is intellectually dishonest to do so.

    Why not say “We don’t want a company that manufactures its products in the United States, paying decent wages to its workers in the Misison because we think the BRAND doesn’t represent the image we hold of the neighborhood”?

    That at least would be honest. If you want to retort mentioning something about their “tasteless” advertising, you might wish to instead focus your energy towards the bars and liquor stores in the Mission, the gang, drug, and prostitution problems, and the circus that arrives at Dolores Park every sunny day.

  2. simon666 Says:

    I hope not posting my comment wasn’t a way to stifle reasonable criticism.

  3. Stephen Says:

    Hi. We’ve been getting a TON of spam mail and email from anonymous posters. Sorry if some comments from real people didn’t get posted.

  4. Mark Says:

    I agree with Simon. I don’t understand why American Apparel is a threat to the neighborhood. Haight Street has not been overwhelmed by chain stores since the location opened there, and there are many other chain stores in this part the Mission (Sketchers, various banks, Foot Locker and fast food on Mission, T-mobile at 17th and Valencia, check cashing at 16th and Valencia). There are so many other issues people could be spending this time on that would have a much more positive impact on the community. How about instead of wasting time on protesting the opening of a store (that sells some of the only mass-produced clothing still manufactured in California) people volunteer to clean up litter, improve the landscaping or clean up graffiti?

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