Rally Tonight!


We’re having a rally this evening at 7pm at Amnesia Bar on Valencia. This may be our last big rally before the hearing with the planning commission on Thursday. So let’s make a great turnout. We’re going to have entertainment featuring readings from Daniel Alarcon, Evan Rehill, Peter Orner, and Daphne Gottlieb, comedy by Nato Green, and music by Dan Weis. There’ll be a bank of typewriters set up so you can write a letter to the planning board.

The rally is at 7pm. At 9pm Belle Monroe and Her Brewglass Boys will perform. They are a rowdy country/bluegrass band. It should be a great event. Looking forward to seeing everyone there.


3 Responses to “Rally Tonight!”

  1. Todd Vogel Says:

    If there is one, could someone forward me a summary of the issue with bulleted arguments against American Apparel moving in? I want to send something to persuade some friends/neighbors to contact the planning board to vote against it, so I want to send them something concise.

  2. shakeses Says:

    Rally? For real?

  3. chicken john Says:

    Formula retail is 11 total stores.


    5 in one city.

    Prop G was to trigger a review by the Planning Commission if a Formula Retail store was to try to move in.

    Because of Prop G, and the hoop that AA has to jump through, we can all have a voice to oppose or support a chain store moving in.

    We don’t want it. We think that they are paying $8,500 in rent, or 3 times as much as Ritual. Tell me that the rents arn’t going to go up…

    We also think it will set an ugly precident, that Starbucks or Uban Outfitters can use.

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