Typewriters Save Valencia Street


Haven’t written your letters yet? Want to send the folks at city hall a message they can hold? Want to do it with a crew of good people in a very cool way? The following message from Hiya Swanhuyser is for you:

In the hopes of keeping American Apparel, and by extension other big chain stores, off Valencia Street, we’re having a letter-writing party. Elected officials such as the Planning Department whose attention we hope to get, weigh letters more heavily than you might think. It’s generally understood that one succinct hand-generated letter represents not only the opinion of the writer, but 99 others as well. You equal 100.

So we’re bringing our beautiful old manual portable typewriter collection to the café, to make the letter-writing more fun for us all.

What: Anti American Apparel/chain stores on Valencia letter-writing party
Where: Ritual Roasters, 1026 Valencia, S.F.
When: Sunday, Feb. 1, 6-8 p.m.

Letters will be sent to the following folks. If you can’t make the event, and you haven’t sent your letters yet, times running out. One week to go folks:

Pilar LaValley
San Francisco Planning Department

Bevan Dufty
District 8 Supervisor

David Campos
District 9 Supervisor

Christina Olague
President of the SF Planning Commission

Lawrence B. Badiner
Zoning Administrator
San Francisco Planning Department

Gavin Newsom
Mayor of San Francisco


2 Responses to “Typewriters Save Valencia Street”

  1. Shakeses Says:

    I have sent my letters. Definitely. And while I am always willing to be a part of actions that will benefit my community, I must wonder why the organization for this action is focused on Valencia Street, why the propaganda around this issue is monolingual? Why can these businesses afford to front a couple of extra dollars toward printing and free coffee, but not toward a translator? I can’t help but bare my inner teeth and cringe while walking down Valencia Street because I know that if I drop one block down, I won’t see one of these beautiful and concise signs. I know that there’s a bottom line and that people are only interested in making it fatter.

    While an American Apparel store will certainly make buffalo exchange’s profits go down, fashionable boutiques and super expensive coffee, on the other hand, is not making it easier for people to find affordable housing, good schools, safe bus routes…

    Rest assured, my people and I are definitely committed to keeping as many large corporations out of our neighborhood as possible, but please note, we’re not interested in saving your businesses. We’re interested in our neighborhood, Our Mission.

  2. bob Says:

    How twee and provincial.
    Typing notes to planning commissioners on manual antique typewriters – are they artisinal as well?
    This town is one giant nostalgia theme park

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