Protest Chain Retail on Valencia Street


The following is a press release from Pirate Cat Radio. Time to get out the signs ladies and gentlemen … read on:

San Francisco, CA, 1/29/2009 — Pirate Cat Radio will host a demonstration to protest the licensing of formula retail in the Valencia Street commercial corridor. Pirate Cat Radio deejays, community leaders, local business owners, and concerned citizens will gather at 988 Valencia St. at 10:00am on Saturday, January 31 to show their commitment to maintaining a locally-owned economy and support for the unique businesses of the neighborhood.

Pirate Cat Radio will be broadcasting live from the location, giving attendees the opportunity to voice their concern about the construction of an American Apparel clothing store 988 Valencia St.  ATA and Mission residents will join Pirate Cat Radio in expressing the significant interest in the Mission District protect the economic integrity of Valencia street.

“Regardless of the business practices or the quality of products sold at American Apparel, a chain store on Valencia marks a shift from unique, locally-owned businesses towards large, corporate formula retail,” says Monkey. “We do not believe this serves the best long-term interest of preserving the character of the neighborhood.”

Additionally, the cost of rent on Valencia St. has begun to pressure the local businesses that make the commercial corridor so special. If formula retail moves in and pays the inflated rent, the trend is unlikely to reverse, accelerating the potentially inevitable decline of the spirit that makes Valencia Street a noted commercial and cultural destination.

Pirate Cat Radio also encourages concerned citizens to voice opposition to formula retail on Valencia Street by taking the following actions:

·   Write a letter to the city planner in charge of this case:

M. Pilar LaValley
Preservation Technical Specialist/Planner
City & County of San Francisco Planning Department
1650 Mission Street, Suite 400
San Francisco, CA 94103
Subject: 988 Valencia – Case No. 2008.0720C

·  Attend the city hearing on the matter:

There is a meeting scheduled for Thursday February 5th at City Hall. Please call the San Francisco Planning Department at 558-6422 after Monday, February 2 for a more specific hearing information, RE: case no. 2008.0720C


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