Pirate Cats


The following is a note from Pirate Cat Radio. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves:

There appears to be some confusion about Pirate Cat Radio’s position on the addition of American Apparel to the Valencia St. corridor. Please take this as the official statement of the station management: Pirate Cat Radio is categorically against the construction of American Apparel chain outlet in the former home of the Mark Sanchez for District 9 office space for the following reasons:

1) Regardless of the business practices or the quality of products sold at American Apparel, a store on Valencia would mark a shift from unique, locally-owned businesses towards large, corporate formula retail. We do not believe this serves the best long-term interest of preserving the character of the neighborhood (see Haight St.)

2) The cost of rent on Valencia St. has begun to pressure the local businesses that make the commercial corridor so special. If formula retail moves in and pays the inflated rent, the trend is unlikely to reverse, accelerating the potentially inevitable decline of the spirit that makes Valencia street a unique destination.

Feel free to drop me a line if you need any further clarification.



One Response to “Pirate Cats”

  1. isabel Says:

    A conditional use authorization for formula retail use requires that the Planning Commission conduct a hearing and consider the following criteria:
    • the number of other formula retailers in the NCD(Neighborhood Commercial District);
    • whether similar formula retailers are available;
    • whether the physical appearance of the proposed formula retail establishment fits with the existing neighborhood character;
    • how much retail space is vacant in the NCD; and
    • the existing mix of retailers in the NCD that serve the neighborhood and those that serve people beyond the neighborhood.

    The San Francisco Planning Department promotes the orderly, harmonious use of land and improved quality of life for our diverse community and future generations.

    4 of its members are appointed by the Mayor and the other three by the President of the Board of Supervisors (Peskin until Nov 2008)

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