The Mission Doesn’t Want Chains


From Pirate Cat Radio:

In 2006, San Francisco voted on added restrictions for chain stores. 2006’s Prop G can be viewed as a referendum on chain stores. It passed with 58.2% of the vote.

The vote in the Mission was overwhelmingly opposed to chain stores–between 70% and 90%!

The proposed American Apparel on Valencia is actually across the street from District 9 in District 8. But that area also voted over 80% for Prop G.

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3 Responses to “The Mission Doesn’t Want Chains”

  1. Raj. C Says:

    If, as many claim, American Apparel isn’t the problem, its the parade of chain that might follow, that has got people worrying, why not find a way to have your cake and eat it too. Just because Wall-Mart and Starbucks suck does not mean all Chains should be shunned.
    NOPNA has set a good example of how to control the types of business’s in its Neighbohood by being proactive. They identified the business they wanted and actively sought them out. Neighborhoods shouldn’t be forced to make such a far reaching decision, and instead of limiting the their choices they should empower themselves and choice.

  2. SFDoggy Says:

    Actually Prop G just made discretionary review mandatory — it did not cause a ban on chain stores. So really all we can tell is that people in the Mission want to be able to comment on chain stores.

  3. Mission Today: 01.27.09 | Mission Loc@l Says:

    […] there is this neat voting map at the Stop American Apparel blog on the 2006 Proposition G, limiting formula retail store. But are […]

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