We Write Letters


Hi Everybody,

These are the people to send your letters to. We recommend that you send a letter to every person on this list. Remember, keep your letters short and to the point: a mega-chain like American Apparel will change the unique feel of Valencia Street (for an example letter click here). Please remember to list your address, especially if you live close to 988 Valencia Street, and also be sure that your subject reads: 988 Valencia – Case No. 2008.0720C. The more letters they receive the more the folks at City Hall will know how the neighborhood feels about letting American Apparel onto Valencia Street. Please take the time to write a letter:

Pilar LaValley
San Francisco Planning Department

Bevan Dufty
District 8 Supervisor

David Campos
District 9 Supervisor

Christina Olague
President of the SF Planning Commission

Lawrence B. Badiner
Zoning Administrator
San Francisco Planning Department

Gavin Newsom
Mayor of San Francisco


One Response to “We Write Letters”

  1. AnMarie Says:

    Christina Olague is no longer the President of the Planning Commission. She is now the VP and Ron Miguel is the new President.

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