How to Write a Letter (+ Meeting TONIGHT!)


Hi everybody,

Don’t forget about tonight’s meeting at The Makeout Room at 7pm. We’ll have posters and fliers to hand out as well as a discussion about how to best utilize the next two weeks before the hearing at City Hall.

Also, San Francisco resident Tom Price did a nice little write up about our efforts at his website. Rallying around Eileen’s inspiring letter to the public, Tom decided to write his own letter to Pilar LaValley at the San Francisco Planning Department, and encourages others to do the same. Tom’s letter is below, but you should read his whole post here to get all the info you need to write your own.

January 22, 2009

Dear Planner LaValley,

My name is Tom Price, I am a resident of San Francisco and live in the Potrero Hill neighborhood. Along with my family, I often visit the Mission, and enjoy the many distinct stores and businesses there. Valencia Street is a uniquely San Francisco institution, a hold out against the cookie cutter chain stores that litter other cities across our country.  A place like this needs to be celebrated and protected.

Please register my opposition to the proposed American Apparel store on Valencia Street.  There is a place for chain stores, but it is not on Valencia Street. Please also keep me informed of any public meetings, hearings, or comment periods regarding this issue.

Thank you,

Tom Price


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