Meeting at The Makeout Room: January 22nd


Hey Everyone,

We’ll be having a STOP AMERICAN APPAREL meeting this Thursday, January 22nd, 7pm, at The Makeout Room.

Please come by. We’ll have full color posters for you to take with you as well as petitions and postcards. You can help stop American Apparel from moving in at 988 Valencia (it’s not too late!). If you have any questions we’ll try to answer them. If you have concerns this is the place to raise them.

The meeting is free and the posters and postcards are free. Everybody’s welcome.

Hope to see you Thursday.


4 Responses to “Meeting at The Makeout Room: January 22nd”

  1. SFDoggy Says:

    As a resident of the neighborhood, I strong oppose this effort. There is lots of vacant space on Valencia St. including the space AA is moving into. Additional retail will lead to a more pleasant and vibrant neighborhood. Paranoia about chain stores is not rational. I certainly will not be shopping at AA, but if other people want to I can see no basis for denying them that option.

  2. DW Says:

    The concern is that what happened on Haight St in the 90s will happen to Valencia St now. Rent is already super pricey in this part of town and if big box stores start moving in landlord will have every motivation to raise it even further. I have nothing against AA as a general principle, but the precedent this would set is an incredibly dangerous one if we want to keep this neighborhood the interesting and vibrant one it is now.

  3. K Says:

    It seems to me that the stores that should move into the Mission (or any given location) should be those that provide the goods and services that people need. If American Apparel provides those services, it will thrive and should stay. Otherwise, it will fail and be gone. I agree that, aesthetically, uniqueness of neighborhoods can be pleasing. But there are plenty of vacant storefronts in the Mission. So there is still plenty of room for other, more unique businesses. I think I would have to hear a more compelling case before I was convinced that it was appropriate to try and tell a landlord who he can and can’t rent or sell his building to.

  4. Steve B Says:

    The problem is not with AA or any other box stores. The problem is the Mission turning into every other neighborhood in the country. We are Mission residents and we are the people who should determine what happens in our own neighborhood. Does AA have the right to try and move into this space? Sure. But we have every right to try and prevent it as well. Let’s keep the Mission from becoming an outdoor mall.

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